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Phil Bedard

Philippe Bedard
is a multi-talented artist
with a golden heart and
a rewarding sens of music.

He is particularily gifted at
playing guitar, singing and
He also excels as a lyricist
expressing a living message
with a remarkable touch of poetry.

In 2009,
the Selfix band with whom
Phil was the lead singer,
received and honorable mention
in the local newspapers when
their first album produced
with D Rocks Records
was released.

he wrote two acoustic songs
that immortalize his creativity
and his passion for music.

One of these - "Sowing Love" -
is part of his walk from
celibacy to his wedding day.
He shares what was destined
to his bride as an engagement gift.

In "I'll Follow Your Steps",
we find a deep and conforting vibe
adressed to God as a prayer
full of hope and faith.

D Rocks Records proudly
present his two latest releases
exclusively available on BandCamp.

If you appreciate this artist,
please feel free to communicate
with him via Facebook.

Enjoy :)


"Sowing Love"




Philippe Bedard



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