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Selfix was
an incomparable band
of 5 young men with
a strong friendship and
contagious joy.

Ultra talented in the genres
of alternative, pop and hardcore.
You couldn't get bored when
hanging around with them.

It was in 2008 that the band
produced his first album
containing 9 original tracks
with D Rocks Records.

As soon as it was released,
the album received an honorable
mention in the St-Hyacinthe's
local newspapers.

The sound of the album is heavy
spacious and colorful.
Some works are melancholic,
while others will drive you up.

Conceived to be listened
from the beginning to the end
in one complete experience,
Fate in Motion carries
you in a Voyage in the
heart of their universe.

You will hear:
Philippe Bedard as lead vocalist,
Alex Beauregard as rythmn guitarist
and bass player for the recording,
William Jourdain as lead guitarist
and Antoine Bedard
crushing his drums to taste.

Here is exclusively,
on BandCamp,
the fruit of their musical trip.

If you like this band,
feel free to communicate with
them via their personnal
Facebook pages.

Enjoy :)


"Fate in motion"



Philippe Bedard
Antoine Bedard
Alex Beauregard
William Jourdain


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